Kombucha Kemasan 250 ml

Rp 40.000Rp 45.000

  1. Green Tea : Our original fermented probiotic tea. Will help you start a healthy gut
  2. Mix Berries : Fermented probiotic tea with fruity berry flavor. Refreshing with healthy benefits to your gut.
  3. Activated Charcoal : Our fermented probiotic tea with an extra cleansing kick, start your day with healthy cleansed gut.
  4. Hibiscus : Tangy probiotic tea, simply refreshign to give your gut a healthy start.
  5. Jasmine : Fragrant fermented probiotic tea is a lovely companion to your meal, while helping you kickstart a healthy gut daily.
  6. Lavender Mint : Fermented Probiotic tea with calming lavender and refreshing mint flavor. Soothing blend whih gives your gut a healthy start.
  7. Lychee : Fermented probiotic tea blend with lychee fruit. Refreshing and healthy for your gut.
  8. Jasmine Rose
Kombucha Kemasan 250 ml